Secondary Hardwood Products

Quality Landscaping Products – All Natural Animal Bedding Products


Our Hardwood Sawdust is composed of very small wood chips that contain a minimal amount of moisture, allowing it to be virtually dust free. The majority of Weaber Sawdust is Poplar and contains no species that would be harmful to animals. This Sawdust offers high absorbency and light color and is ideal bedding for horses and poultry.

Wood Chips

Our Hardwood Chips are produced by taking slab wood (containing no bark) and running it through a chipper. This material varies in size but averages approximately one square inch. Hardwood Chips are ideal for ground covering, walking paths, playgrounds and other areas where a layer of wood covering is desired.


Our Hardwood Shavings are produced from planing kiln dried lumber and held in dry storage. This is an ideal material for high absorbency situations such as bedding for cattle, poultry and horses. Weaber wood shavings consist primarily of Oak and Poplar.

Single Shredded Bark Mulch

Our Single Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch is produced by running hardwood bark collected from our debarker through a grinder. This process makes a uniform product in texture and color and is an ideal landscaping material.

“Hogged” Material

Weaber’s “Hogged” Material is produced when excess kiln dried lumber is put through a grinding machine (Hogger). It’s an all wood product with texture similar to Bark Mulch. Due to its texture our “Hogged” Material does not compact easily, making it ideal for playground areas. Since it is a kiln dried product, it is also a good fuel source.

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